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One Piece ARCarddass Formation v1.01 APK

Posted by mf mf on Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Don't expect too much on this game, read the review here before installing"

This game is AR-card game, click here for more detailed information (in Japanese btw). Here some details about this game :

This is an exclusive application with which you can scan and play with trading cards from “One Piece AR Carddass Formation”, to be released by Bandai on June 22nd 2012.
To get the most out of this App, you need “One Piece AR Carddass Formation” cards.
*If you do not have any cards at hand, you can also use round objects like coins to battle with Zoro or to make use of the collection function by gathering items from treasure boxes.
*When using a round objects like coins, please select [Coin AR] from [AR Scan] on the main menu, which is displayed on the right hand side of the HOME screen.

The game come with giant size APK (400MB), so it will take a while to install and first run need internet connection


Sample card :


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