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Old trick to download gameloft games from pc APK

Posted by mf mf on Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Here's what you need to do it
1.&GLzip 2.1&thanks to djeman for this awesome tool
2. JRE&, you need Java Environment to use Glzip 2.1
3. Gameloft Apks

Then how to do it?
1. Simple, first install your JRE and update it
2. Open your Glzip, in this tutorial i'll use Back Stab for example
3. Then click 'view info' and choose Back Stab APK

4. And you'll get this

5. You can see that there are many lines and there is game_id : 1235
And here is the thing you need to know
ATC & = Adreno GPU
DXT & = Tegra GPU
ETC & = all other GPUs (Mali-400MP for example).

6. In this case, I want to download the Adreno version for my Xperia Ray, &but because all the links for each version are same, we can use adreno/pvrt/dxt, it's up to you. Copy the link.
& & &

7. Add&?model={ro.product.model}&device={ro.product.device}&product={GAME_ID}&version={GAME_VERSION}&after &the line so it will be like this&{ro.product.model}&device={ro.product.device}&product={GAME_ID}&version={GAME_VERSION}

8. Change the&{ro.product.model}&and&{ro.product.device} to your device model, you can open the build.prop from system(by using root explorer) to find it. Mine is St18i and urushi.

9. For the&{GAME_VERSION} you can find it from Google Play, I want to know what's the latest version for BackStab, so I head to this page&and found that it's 1.2.6

10. Now change the link to&

11. Then I'll copy and paste it to my browser, or directly paste it to my IDM like this.

12. Voila, now you can wait till the download finish.

13. After the download finished, open your Glzip again, click unpack and choose your amz file. Wait for awhile and success notif will prompt.

14. Install APK, let it download data for a while, we want to find out the folder name and location

15. Once you got it, rename the sdfiles folder(from the amz you've extracted before) to the real folder name.

16. Open your game and test it.

By the way, here some codes

9mm HD: 1245
Asphalt 5 HD: 953
Asphalt 6 HD: 1388
Assassin's Creed: 1050
Back Stab HD: 1235
Dungeon Hunter 2 HD: 1196
Dungeon Hunter 3: 1396
Eternal Legacy HD: 1198
Gameloft LIVE: 1308
Gangstar Miami: 1148
GT Racing Academy: 1069
Modern Combat 2 HD: 1147
Modern Combat 3: 7100
Modern Combat 3 HD: 1275
NOVA HD: 1045
NOVA 2 HD: 1197
Starfront Collision HD: 1188

Video version :

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